Episode 1. Labradoodle

6 minutes, 59 seconds

My inability to remember whether it is garbage or recycling day lands me with a new pet.

Episode 2. The Rumour

15 minutes, 31 seconds

In Moscow, nine out of the ten times we stood in line, we did not know what we were standing in line for. Moscow was a city of people lines. It did not matter what it was. Because we needed everything.

Episode 3. Yorkdale

11 minutes, 34 seconds

I take my wheelchair-bound friend Harold to the mall on a doomed mattress-buying adventure.

Episode 4: Home Made Cake

8 minutes, 58 seconds

An account of a legendary Cairo patisserie and how its odd name led to a decades-long blunder.

Episode 5. Los Panteras Blancas

11 minutes, 5 seconds

Membership has its privileges. In this case – my accidental membership in a Dominican gang.

Episode 6. The Minyan Man

8 minutes, 43 seconds

A Jewish man struggling with his faith and the death of his father.

Episode 7. I Shall Be Released

8 minutes, 9 seconds

The angel of death has an hour to kill until his next job. He spends it with me playing chess, drinking scotch and listening to vinyl.

Episode 8. The Reminder

5 minutes, 24 seconds

Goldfarb has a special effect on his girlfriend in bed, just not the effect he was hoping for.

Episode 9. The Pitch

9 minutes, 53 seconds

P.R firm Leviticus and Numbers are tasked with rebranding a major Jewish holiday in this bizarre Babylonian saga.

Episode 10. Getting a Haircut

6 minutes, 35 seconds

My friend David tries to score a supporting role in one of my stories. I get the world’s most expensive haircut, and maybe some chairs.

Episode #11 - Apricot Season

5 minutes, 55 seconds

Me as a child, wanting that new hot wheels track. My parents, invoking an ancient Egyptian saying, announce I will get it when Apricot season arrives. But when will that ever be?

Episode #12 - Waiting For Zakarian

9 minutes, 18 seconds

A Boca Raton country club golf tale with more twists than a double dogleg. Why is Zakarian taking forever to play the third hole?

Episode #13 - Home Depot

5 minutes, 13 seconds

I make sure a trip to Home Depot to buy a fence does not go as planned.

Episode #14 - Rashi's Dime

10 minutes, 07 seconds

A discovered dime is said to be a message from beyond. When I find one, all it brings me is more anxiety.

Episode #15 - Twenty Cent Wings

12 minutes, 24 seconds

An explosive boss, a hapless paint salesman, and the cheapest lunch in business history.

Episode #16 - The Blessing

17 minutes, 39 seconds

Two dates on the same day is too much for a guy who does not have the ability to get through even one.

Episode #17 - Shprintza

16 minutes, 56 seconds

What’s in a name? In Boston, 1960, a chance to make $1000.

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