Almost the Truth: Stories and Lies

Amost the Truth: Stories and Lies is a collection of memoirs, short stories, and recollections which crackle with wit, brazen sentimentality, and unfiltered self awareness.

The stories blur the line between fact and fiction leaving the reader wondering what is real and what is not. Characters from the short stories pop up in family recollections and friends make guest appearances in the short stories. These crossovers become increasingly compelling as the more you read the more you realize these seemingly stand alone pieces are inter connected.

There is a tip of the hat to the curmudgeonry of Larry David, self deprecation of Woody Allen, and self awareness of David Sedaris, but Zevy’s voice and humor is unique and very much his own.

After all, you shouldn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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Please find below a 3-story sample from the collection.


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Le Chinois

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Looking for Maurice

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Our Father Our King

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